Yoga Pants Factory From 2008

GuangZhou Zechuang Clothing Co.,Ltd has been in the apparel industry for over 10 years. We are a We are a fast-growing professional manufacturer and exporter of yoga clothing in China. Our products cover printed yoga pants, seamless leggings & bras, and other activewear made from recycled fabric and etc. With experienced designers and technicians, we are able to make products according to your specific requirements.

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Why choose us?

We want make difference in this field with our clients.

During the Covid-19, the most reason that influences our order to be sent delayed is fabric raw material arrived late because located different area. So,we have fully invested in the dyeing factory and fabric factory to ensure that the whole manufacturing progress is under control. In the special period when the COVID 19 is all around the world, we will diligently seek to the best of our ability and minimize the effects of these delays on orders.

Yoga business is affected by seasonal tends common to retail appreal industrial.So our product design and development efforts are led by a team of researchers and designers. Our design and development team identifies trends based on market intelligence and research, proactively seeks the input of our clients and broadly seeks inspiration consistent with our goals of function, style, and technical superiority.

We also want to make contribution for the earth and ocean clean.So our production orders from recycled fabircs and bottle.

Offer fair working environment is our missions.Our factories are highly efficient and comply with all safety standards, which is why we have been certified by the BSCI. We firmly believe that our employees are our greatest asset, and we work hard to create a positive working environment that benefits everyone involved.

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